About Us

Leon's Sauces

“I have two passions in life – cooking and eating!

I’ve created my range of handmade cooking sauces to make it easy to produce quick, simple, healthy and delicious meals.

My sauces are bursting with real food and flavour and have ‘nothing dodgy added’.”


About Leon

My passion for food comes from my Spanish mother whose cooking was always the centre-piece of family life. Like many Spanish households the meals were made in huge pots for a large family and there was always enough for second helpings, much to my delight. The delicious food was made with fresh, natural, healthy local ingredients and the aromas of fragrant Mediterranean herbs and exotic spices from North Africa would fill the kitchen.

In 1964 my family moved from Gibraltar to the UK. British School dinners took some getting used to! I would get into trouble for refusing to eat them but in the end, hunger always got the better of me. I wanted my mother’s home cooking. In those days supermarkets were in their infancy and cooking sauces were certainly unheard of.

For me (as for many) the kitchen is the hub of the house, so it did not take me long to realise that as ‘passion is the main ingredient to success’, I simply had to spend my life working in the food industry. Even just talking about food makes me happy!

My first job in the early 70’s was driving around the City and West End of London selling American crispy pizza to pubs from the back of a van. I would walk into a pub and say ‘Do you want to buy some pizzas?’ and they would say ‘What is a pizza?’

Well, things have moved on a bit since then; today we travel more and are knowledgeable about different cultures and their foods; this has changed the food we eat, the way we cook it and where we eat it.

After years in the food industry doing pretty much everything, I knew it was inevitable that I would come back to my roots and create something which captures my childhood food memories – ‘thank you, mama’.